Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes- One of The Best Cricket Shoes

Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes

The new generation of cricket shoes is called Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes. Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes is an all-time Adidas Classic Shoes. This is quite similar to the shoes from last year, with a few upgrades here and there, making them even more popular and one of our best selling shoes in the Adidas lineup heading into the new season. They also get massive upgrades in terms of aesthetics.

Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes

Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes Feature:-

upper Body

In my opinion, the upper on this is still that classic, highly durable net. Also, make sure your shows for cricket are eco-friendly. The midsole in use is the Addidas added Pre Plus midsole, the cricket-specific soul that added us have developed.


This sole offers you a really good energy return, which means it’s bouncy, making sure when you hit the deck hard, it doesn’t meet your feet fugitive. In addition, they give you a really quick response and a nice cushion. That means you can spend the entire day in them without feeling much fatigue or general wear on your feet.


Talking about the outsole on these, they’re spotting a five-plus two Spike layout, which is a very basic layout to keep these shoes nice and lightweight, good for all-around work. They also come with these plastic studs along the surface to give you a better grip to tread on the turf, ensuring that this doesn’t cause any slippage and offers you good traction and mobility.

heel cut

Finally, for someone who would like to do a little bit of bowling in these, you get a beverage heel cut out here, so when you do land on the outside edge of your heel, by any chance, this will automatically roll your foot in because of that extra landing room, making sure you don’t get injured there, drastically reducing chances of the ankle or heal injuries.


The outsole has this rubber that bleeds into the toe to give you additional yoghurt protection. The upper here has been redesigned, and this leather is now a mushroom vegan leather, which is slightly stiffer than what they had last year, offering you additional reinforcement.


In regards to that, in terms of the midfoot stability, you get this elastic mid-band, which will lock your midfoot in, making sure you’ve got really good support that your foot doesn’t slide around too much on these, making sure that you have really good stability and can run pretty quickly in quick bursts very easily.


This heel is probably the best defining feature of all added our shoes. It’s a very snug heat with a very tight clip so that your heel doesn’t slide around too much. Still, it’s also compensated with a lot of really thick cushion padding, which means when you hit the deck hard when you’re bowling or in general if you have a very heavy landing of your foot, just make sure that your heel doesn’t get fatigued. It makes sure it’s well-cushioned so that you don’t feel a lot of shock riding up your joints.

Runner Fit

The upper on this also has this sock style lip which makes sure that this fit is a very snug fit along your foot, Offering you a very runner-like feel on these, which is also complemented by this at the front, makes it feel very Ranger.


So if you’re someone who likes to sneak in a cheeky single or a wicketkeeper, something like this offers you great benefit as it allows you extra mobility. Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes are a good batting keeping shoe for the ideal use for these. They’re also a fantastic feeling shoe. So if you like to keep your batting shoes and your fielding shoes separate, this is probably one of the best outfield shoes you can get. Because they’re super lightweight, making sure you can run in quick bursts without having any problems. Also, it’s ideal for a part-time pace bowler, who has a short run-up and fine pace bowling.

Ideal User of Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes

It’s ideal for young cricketers, too, who are just developing their skills. I like these shoes a lot because even though they are at an entry-level price point, they’re used by many international cricketers in, like Rody Burns, Quinton, Decock, Rohit Sharma, etc. So make sure that these shoes offer you the best bang for your buck.


Honestly, I would rather recommend you go with something like this, caused by a shoe specialist, over something like a Kookaburra or a GM pair of shoes that are not cricket shoe specialists. They are only gear specialists. These don’t cost that much more and make sure your feet are safe and well supported so that after an entire day worth of play, you don’t feel much fatigue all up. The best entry-level shoes on the market and easy recommendation for the batter, bowler, keeper & also all-rounder.

What People saying Adidas Howzat Cricket Shoes

Extremely comfortable and the shoes have a great grip. Best suited for kids who are bowling on turf wickets. Can certainly prevent injuries from slipping or skidding. Definite performance enhancer!!!

Kunal Kanwar

Really very nice comfortable shoes. Very light weight with the metal spikes as well. Well made shoes from Adidas. Thank you


The fitting is quite comfortable and has good cushion support for the ankle to help prevent ankle injury.
All spikes were provided, though unlike other cricket shoes having 11 spikes, it comes with 7 spikes. I feel it’s good for batting and fielding, but don’t feel pace bowlers will be confident bowling with these.


If you’re a batsman than definitely can go for these as entry level cricket shoes with spikes, only issue I felt is the material is not sturdy near the toe part, so a Yorker hitting the shoes might injure your feet.


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